Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mural Progress

I have been rather tied up the last few weeks with the N4C mural...the intermittant rain of recent times has prolonged the time frame of the work, but all in all its been a wonderful experience and a great learning curve.
The three artists involved are Regina Dolan, Sophie Munns, and Michelle Goodchild.
Each of these artists are highly talented and very capable individuals who are self determined in their art practice making it a joy to work alongside them.

Regina is an amazing figurative artist and I asked her to paint the theme "Sports and Recreation" along the largest wall which is directly in view of sports fields and bikeways. Regina has been a powerhouse of energy and wonderful creative ideas throughout the whole project, and has great vision in seeing the totality of the work whilst still working within the parameters of her brief. Her artistic collaboration in the project has ensured that the themes and individual artistic styles synthesize and merge whilst still maintaining the individual integrity of each artist.

Sophie's section of the mural is at the entrance of the building and beside an unused seed nursery facility. Her mural section is a wonderful array of colours bursting through from a dark amorphous background..gradually the fecund circles burst into tiny geometric seed heads which float over the other walls as if drifting in the wind. Her work is a fabulous painterly rendition of the eruption of life.
Sophie has written about her involvement with the mural here and you can see some more of her gorgeous work.

Michelle's art practice is steeped in humanitarian values and pertaining to those are her concerns for the environment which is why she so enthusiastically accepted to portray the theme of "Connected communities" for the mural. Michelle's figurative work is strong and dynamic within an urban framework..great style for murals. Whislt painting, she was asked by a groovy looking passerby if she would paint his face on her wall..wonderful recommendation for any artist. Michelle's faces and figures are real people and as such exemplify "community" transcending race, age and individual differences.

I have included some photos taken in progress but first...the inevitable "before" photos!!
Front of building

Side wall

Rear wall

The N4C asked for the motif of a drop..precious water begins with a single drop.

Myself underpainting the base colours and contours which
wrap the building and connect the motifs.

Regina at work

Sophie with Spike lending support in the doorway.

Sophie's work in  progress


Michelle working on her portraits...including my dog Dudley

Regina in front of her art


Sport and Recreation
The mural is not yet finished but as you can see, nearly there..just a few more motifs and a bit more "tweaking". We have had a wonderful response from passers by and some of their comments have been truly uplifting. Art can be a solitary business but this project has been based on, and aimed at community, and in that regard the endeavour has been a lovely social exercise.

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